Professional Services

The Sharp Abt Professional Services team has been created to meet the growing demands from our clients for the greater integration of hardware and software solutions into your business.
Sharp Abt's Professional Services team can save you money, maxamise workflow and increase productivity within your organisation. We can provide you with an obligation free workflow requirement analysis and assessment, which will pinpoint areas from the following where you could save money -

  • Cost Recovery
  • Cost Allocation
  • Document Management
  • Managed Print Services
  • Colour Management
  • Cloud Based Technology
  • Software Intergration

Drivve Image is a high performance, feature-rich scanning software that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your scan workflows into your information infrastructure. Drivve Image optimises business processes by intelligent capture, processing and distribution in full security.

Pcounter is a scalable, network based print and copy management software, which allows you to take control of your print accounting quickly and easily.

  • Pcoutner is a complete printer management suite, incorporating accounting, rules based printing, load balancing, pull printing, and much more into an affordable package.
  • Pcounter can track print jobs from any platform (PC, Mac, Unix) that can print to a Pcounter server.
  • Pcounter counts pages printed on printers from all major manufacturers. This covers most laser, inkjets, and multifunction devices on the market today. Pcounter also tracks plot size on HPGL/2 and PostScript plotters. Pcounter also helps-
  • Save costs-accurate print accounting
  • Enhance security
  • Increase flexibility & productivity-improved performance
  • Eradicate waste
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

For the legal and accounting professions, disbursements are a fact of life. Electronically capturing these disbursements and allocating them correctly to the client is both important and profitable.

Softlog Systems can help your business capture disbursements on a user pays basis, helping to cover the costs associated with document production and transmission.

With an innovative document capture platform engineered to combine automation, efficiency, stability and Enterprise-class scalability, PSIGEN’s flagship product PSI: Capture is poised to continue advancing document processing technology well into the future. PSI:Capture provides scanning functionality, or can utilise simple expressions through its Advanced Data Extraction feature to automate processing tasks.

PaperCut’s print account and print management software has been developed over ten years to help organisations wanting to save money on excess printing. PaperCut software is ideal for organisations of all sizes, from schools to engineering, graphic design, architectural, and accounting firms to advertising, legal and IT. PaperCut encourages the responsible use of company resources and helps to create an environmentally friendly workplace.

OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies and business solutions allow organisations to take full advantage of enterprise information and gain better business insight, create a positive business impact, increase process velocity, reduce risks related to information governance, and protect intellectual property from internal leaks and external threats.

Objectif Lune creates new ways of composing, processing, delivering, tracking and storing any business document, independent of hardware compatibility and with full automation capability.

With SimplifyScan all your documents can be digitalised and archived fast and easy as searchable files. SimplifyScan makes it possible to scan from Sharp multifunctional in a fast and efficient way. This means that scanned documents can be integrated into your business processes directly from the MFP.

Easily integrate scanned documents into your business processes. Store documents directly in the application you use, whether this is a Windows environment or any other CRM, ERP, legal, DMS or financial application.

Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture) allows third-party software applications to link the Sharp Multifunction Device (MFD) the MFP directly to software programmes running on a local server or cloud service. The MFD’s full colour user interface is used to access and operate these software programmes.

Equitrac solutions provide print management and cost recovery software that enable organisations to effectively manage their printing environments, reduce costs, increase document security and promote sustainability.

Monitor Print is a powerful and flexible print management system that controls printer and MFP usage, providing the organisation the ability to identify, control and minimise the cost of printing.

Print Management System- Improve operational efficiency by monitoring and controlling print.

  • Create print rules for your users
  • Reduce administration costs and printing wastage
  • Improve document security
  • Benefit from the flexibility to work the way you want
  • Enhance governance with full transaction recording and reporting
  • Encourage sustainability by lowering page counts
  • Bill end users for print services

FileBound Workflow Automation Solutions improve the way you Process and Manange your valuable documents- giving you peace of mind as you save time and money.

FileBound boosts your productivity to a new level by helping-

  • Streamline your AP department to run smoother with fewer staff and better results
  • Keep your sensitive HR records safe, secure and available as needed
  • Improve your AR turn without adding staff
  • Reduce your use of expensive couriers to send documents
  • Eliminate time wasted searching for records
  • Put an end to the trauma of “lost documents” and futile searches
FileBound eliminates the cost and hassles of managing documents by improving the way you find, share, process and secure them.

With Filebound, you can scan all of your paper documents using your copier or dedicated scanner and save all of your digital documents like Word, Excel, or E-mails. Finding any document is as easy as a simple web search.

With FileBound, any document you need is available anytime, anywhere eliminating the time wasted looking for documents that are lost or are being used by someone else. Documents are always available when you need them which allows your staff to get more work done.

Invu solutions streamline your communications and records. You can reduce your reliance on paper documents, ease your information flow and give you all your information at your fingertips. Invu can utilise your documents to automate your business processes and optimise the way you work. Invu will add value to your organisation and bring order and security to your documents. You can transform your documents from problems into assets with Invu solution.

Invu’s software enables automated document capture, processing and archiving, and integrates readily with back office systems. For example, working with your ERP system you can gain tighter control of financial processes and compliance with industry standards and information security requirements.

Simple workflows are designed to ensure that adherence becomes straightforward and automatic. Invu systems are scaled to the needs of different businesses, in different markets, with clear ROIs based on saving time, costs and space.

AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications. It is well suited for organisations of all sizes which want to eliminate error prone manual document handling. Whether you’re handling invoices, claims, applications or order forms, AutoStore can automate your document driven business processes to lower costs, improve operational efficiency, communication and collaboration, and support compliance with laws and regulations.